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Vijay Srivastava

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Materials Science

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Research Areas

Ndt of Composites, Delaminating of Fibre Composites, Fracture, Toughness and Interface of Fibre Composites, Metal-Matrix Composites, Ceramic Fibre Composites, Biocomposites, Glass Composites, Nanocomposites.

Academic Achievement

Biography has been cited in the MARQUIS Who's Who in the World, Vol. 14, who is who in America, (1996)
Refereeing of Bilateral International Project Proposals of DST, New Delhi.


Member of International Advisory Board, 5th International Conference on "Advanced Inorganic Fibrous Composites for Structural Applications", Acireale, Sicily, Italy, (June 4-9, 2006)
Member of International Advisory Board and Co-ordinator, Application of Ceramics, 10th Conference of the European Ceramic Society, Berlin, Germany, (2007)
Member of Int. Advisory Board, HTCMC-6 conference, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, (Sponsor by American Ceramic Society, USA), (Sept. 2007)
Member of International Scientific Committee, 4th Int. Conference on Composite Testing & Model Identification, Dayton, Ohio, USA, (20-22 October 2008).
Member of International Advisory Boards, 12th International Congress (CEMTEC), Tuscany, Italy, (6-18th June 2010).
Member of Int. Advisory Board, 7th Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Composites (HTCMC-7), Bavaria, Bayreuth, Germany, (20-22nd September 2010)
Member of International Scientific Committee, 3rd International Congress on Ceramics (ICC3), Osaka, Japan, (14-18th November 2010)

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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