Chemistry of Brain, Hyper Thinking, Consciousness and Behavior

  • Editors: Aibassov Yerkin, Savizky Ruben, Yemelianova Valentina
  • ISBN: 978-1-938681-92-9


In this review compiled theoretical and practical material on brain chemistry, hyper thinking, consciousness and behavior.

Earlier the authors were discovered four new Aibassov-Dorfman, Aibassov-Yuriev, Aibassov-Ugi, Aibassov-Savizky reactions, and a new approach to finding the modification 26 reactions: Atherton-Todd, Betti, Mannich, Doebner, Michaelis-Arbuzov, Allen Milobendzky-Shulgin, Michaelis-Becker, Raymond, Petasis, Passerini, Hantzsch, Kabachnic-Fields, Ugi and etc.

The authors proposed four new Klopman-Dorfman-Aibassov, Nernst-Aibassov, Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz-Aibassov, and Sonnon-Aibassov equations for solving the magnetic and relativistic effects in catalysis and chemistry of Brain, and the Boldwin-Aibassov Rule.

The authors proposed a new magnetic isotope theory of the origin of life on Earth, theory of vision "of white and blue of the tunnel" in people who have clinical died.

The authors proposed a new approach to the theory Chemistry of Brain, Hyper Thinking, consciousness, and Behavior.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Chemistry of Brain

Chapter II: Chemistry of Nootropics

Chapter III: Neurochemical Mechanisms of Memory, Visual and Auditory Perception, Vestibular Sensitivity, Chemoreception, Skin Sensitivity

Chapter IV: Synthesis and Raman Spectra of New Kaz Smart and Kaz Mind Drugs to Improve Brain Function

Chapter V: Electromagnetic Theory of Consciousness

Chapter VI: Quantum Theory of Consciousness

Chapter VII: Hyper Thinking and Hyper Opportunity

Chapter VIII: Spin-Boson and Spin-Fermion Topological Model of Consciousness

Chapter IX: Behavioral Chemistry

Chapter X: Application of Hyper Thinking in Chemistry and Biology

Chapter XI: Pico- and Femto-technology in the Chemistry of the Brain

Chapter XII: Conclusions