Natural Products’ Chemistry and Their Synergy

  • ISBN: 978-1-938681-80-6
  • Prof. Omprakash H. Nautiyal PhD


Natural products are ubiquitous in everyone’s daily life. Some are active constituents of many medicines, vitamins, food additives, flavour and fragrances, agrochemicals and pesticides used for plants protection and insect control. Indeed the essential components of our life itself include proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, vitamins, hormones, steroids, prostaglandins etc. The nature of this branch of science is becoming increasingly dynamic. In present global scenario natural bioactive molecules are gaining prominence as they are easily available and relatively free of any side effects.

This stimulating reference book provides a comprehensive introduction to various natural products with diverse structures. Unique integration of plants, microbial, marine and natural products has been complied in this book. The prime aim of this book is to provide an easy to read overview of natural products. This book is user friendly and suitable for university courses. The coverage is extensive to allow maximum flexibility for courses in different institutes. This book will be useful for the students, teachers, scientist, researchers, and industry professionals. Hopefully the result of my present endeavour is the unique monograph that presents comprehensive information on many aspects of natural products.

It includes the chapters that very well describes the details of every natural products involving separation, identification, structures elucidations, synthesis and biosynthesis algorithm the available products for various diseases that could be treated or heal with the use of natural products. The products that has been mentioned in this book shall not be consumed on own but only with the consultation of registered medical practitioners. The information mentioned herein is an attempt to make the readers aware of the potentials of the natural products healing powers...

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Natural Products from Microbial and Marine Species

Chapter 2: Alkaloids and Their Chemistry

Chapter 3: Medicinal Plants and Biochemistry

Chapter 4: Nattural Products in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Chapter 5: Galactomannans and Chemistry

Chapter 6: Advance Natural Products Chemistry

Chapter 7: Synthesis of Alkaloids