Multiple Choice Questions on Gross Anatomy

  • Author: Rajani Singh
  • Department of Anatomy, UP University of Medical Sciences Saifai Etawah, UP, India
  • ISBN: 978-1-938681-22-6


Anatomy is not only foundation of medical education but also all other medical subjects have been evolved from it. The sole objective of medical education is to make society disease free. The diseases are produced by invasion of changes in environmental conditions, pathogens, toxins, trauma and misuse of limbs causing anatomical variations/distortions in shape, size, location, orientation, pathways, configuration and developmental deficits impairing activities and/or functioning of macro/microstructures, organs/limbs and systems producing signs and symptoms of discomforts in human body. So, detailed and thorough knowledge of human Anatomy is imperative to investigate the disease and prescribe the treatments in clinical practice for both medicinal and surgical. Lack of anatomical knowledge leads to failure cases and litigations. Now to evaluate the anatomical knowledge of budding doctors is a herculean job. However, the book is written for overviewing gross Anatomy by students for their academic and competitive examinations, by faculty to take flying view and by clinicians to refresh the Anatomy for their clinical practice. Though the book contains the MCQ’s yet it provides key solution to the problems of all the related communities. As current trend of evaluation is MCQ based so the book will be highly useful in medical education/profession.

This book on multiple choice questions of Gross Anatomy contains both basic fundamental questions and clinically applied questions. Thus book will not only facilitate the acquisition of basic knowledge of students but also provide the solution to clinical problems in clinical practice.

I hope this book will be of utmost use to medical graduates, post graduates, nursing, dental and paramedical students, faculties and clinicians.

Table of Contents

1. Upper Limb

2. Upper Limb Answers

3. Thorax

4. Thorax Answers

5. Lower Limb

6. Lower Limb Answers

7. Abdomen

8. Abdomen Answers

9. Head and Neck

10. Head and Neck Answers

11. Neuroanatomy

12. Neuroanatomy Answers