Scleractinian corals of Vietnam

Scleractinian corals of Vietnam

  • Author: Yuriy Yakovlevich Latypov
  • ISBN: 978-0-9838996-8-6

Yuriy Yakovlevich Latypov, graduated from the Novosibirsk State University and after postgraduate work at the Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Russian ecological Academy, Deputy Director on Science of Far East Marine Biosphere State Reserve. More than half a century, he travels around the Earth, studying the corals and reefs that existed about half a billion years ago and modern, which is found in tropical seas and form one of the richest and mysterious ecosystems on the planet. He researched at the expanse of land from Chukotka to Baltic countries and the Caucasus, in the seas and oceans from Australia to the Seychelles and Mauritius, having held under water for about 3000 hours. Results of the work:Yu.Ya. Latypov published in 15 monographers, three of which translated into English and Vietnamese languages. Recent years Dr. Latypov pays particular attention to the possibilities of preserving the beauty and richness of the diversity of life of the reef community and conducts experiments on artificial cultivation and restoration of coral reefs Vietnamese. In the geological and maritime expeditions and scientific delegations, on the personal invitation of, and as a tourist has traveled almost the entire World.


In the book describes 350 species of Scleractinian, reefs of Vietnam and their role in the reef ecosystem of the Pacific. It also considers a problem of species for corals, discusses taxonomic histories from species up to family, and bases of terminology of taxonomic peculiarities and methods of definition of corals. The text and the description of corals are illustrated by 50 black-and-white and 25 color tables which are accompanied with more than 200 color underwater photos of alive corals. It is for biologists, zoologists and faunistic experts.

Table of Contents


Part 1. Reef-building corals of Vietnam as a part of the Indo-Pacific reef ecosystem

Part 2. The problem of species for corals

   2.1. The reef builders - hard corals

Part 3. Description of corals


3.1. Family Thamnasteriidae Vaughan and Wells, 1943

3.2. Family AstrocoeniidaeKoby, 1890

3.3. Family Pocilloporidae Gray, 1842

3.4. Acroporidae

   3.4.1. Taxonomic history

   3.4.2. Terminology and morphology

   3.4.3. Family Acroporidae Verrill, 1903

3.5. Faviidae and Fungiidae

   3.5.1. Taxonomic history

   3.5.2. Morphology, terminology and taxonomic peculiarities

   3.5.3. Family Faviidae Gregory, 1900

   3.5.4. FamilyTrachyphyllidaeVerrill, 1901

   3.5.5. Family Fungiidae Dana, 1846

3.6. Poritidae

   3.6.1. Taxonomic history

   3.6.2. Terminology, morphological and taxonomic features

   3.6.3. FamilyPoritidae Gray, 1842 (by Latypov Yu.Ya., Dautova T.V.)

3.7. Dendrophylliidae

   3.7.1. Taxonomic history

   3.7.2. Terminology, morphological and taxonomic signs

   3.7.3. Family Dendrophylliidae Gray, 1847

3.8. Family Agariciidae Gray, 1847

3.9. Family Siderastreidae Vaughan and Wells, 1943

3.10. Family Oculinidae Gray, 1847

3.11. Family Pectiniidae Vaughan and Wells, 1943

3.12. Family MerulinidaeVerrill, 1866

3.13. Family MussidaeOrtmann, 1890

3.14. Family Euphyllidae Mather, 1994